There are many stages to leadership development and campus outreach. Whether you're a student just getting connected and discovering your path or you're a campus leader ready to help someone else launch into their leadership adventure, Momentum Campus Ministries has programs for every step of the way.


We believe that community is the foundation of what we do. We strive to create a community where our students feel cared for, valued, and invested in. We do this by intentionally cultivating deep relationships of authenticity and accountability.


Our community focused models and programs include:


  • Zoom Nights (2020-2021 year during COVID-19)

  • Huddles – discipleship groups of 3-5 for undergrads, grads, and recent grads (click here for our free Huddle curriculum)

  • Mentorship

  • Life groups for graduate students and young professionals (click here to access our Grad & Beyond program materials)

  • Geneva Live livestream conversations on big topics (2020-2021 year)

  • Facebook groups



The heart of our mission is seeing lives transformed for Christ. We believe that consistent and intentional discipleship is an important element to our students and leaders lives. We help people connect deeply with God and flourish as followers of Jesus.


Our discipleship focused models and programs include:


  • Discovery Huddles - specifically for those who are seeking and asking questions

  • Discipleship Huddles

  • One-on-one discipleship

  • Courses focused on topics important to our students including leadership, anxiety, life’s big questions, purpose, freedom from sexual strongholds and more

  • Bible studies

  • Life groups

  • Renovaré virtual book club for theological discussion for older young adults


Our staff and student leaders are the heartbeat of our ministry. We believe in the potential and power of the next generation and we invest in them by loving them, leading them, and learning from them. We strive to inspire our students to be exceptional leaders who step more fully into their mission in life.


Our leadership model uses a few key areas of focus to equip our leaders:

  • Leadership experiences – We offer many different areas where our students and leaders can serve.

  • Leadership training – We offer learning opportunities to help our students grow as leaders.

  • Leadership mentoring – We offer 1-1 coaching to help our leaders grow as followers of Jesus and be a leaders for Him.


To provide opportunities for leadership growth, we use the following components and models to equip our leaders and provide leadership opportunities:

  • Retreats

  • Leadership Course

  • Mentoring (on demand)

  • Coaching (on demand)

  • Huddle – discipleship groups of 3-5 for undergrads, grads, and recent grads.

  • Fit Program (First Year Integration Team) - a team that invests in first years during frosh week and throughout the year and enfolds them into our community.

  • Grad and Beyond – a ministry for grad students and young professionals that involves Lifegroups and other gatherings.

  • Wednesday Night Live – a weekly gathering that includes in person worship, learning, and community.

  • Prayer Team – groups that meet to cover our ministry in prayer.

  • Resident Team – leaders that live together and use their home for ministry.

  • International Ministry Team – leaders that invest in international students through English conversation classes and discovery groups.


We have a priority to serve our students, but part of serving our students well means equipping the teams and leaders that serve them. A big priority for us is equipping campus ministry teams or raising up campus ministry programs where none exist.


Our programming in this area draws on all of our programs mentioned above. We recognize that every campus has a unique environment, and therefore has unique needs.


We would love to talk to you about how we can partner with you to identify needs, provide models, and help your team serve the students at your local university or college in the best way possible.