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Campus Ministry at
St. Lawrence College


SLC Momentum is our partner ministry at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. The SLC Spiritual Care Facilitator Kathy Doering leads our campus ministry teams at the Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall campuses. 

We partner with Kathy and SLC Momentum to offer programs for all SLC students including small groups, one-on-one mentoring, worship nights, social events, and more!

What Is Our Role At SLC?

  • To nurture the spiritual health of all members of SLC campuses by providing a safe space to ask big questions about self, purpose, and the future.

  • To create a welcoming, non-judgmental, safe space for students on all our campuses regardless of beliefs or background.

  • To help build a community where students can thrive, belong, be unconditionally accepted, grow, and be encouraged.

  • To provide information about and connections to College and local faith communities.

  • To provide one-on-one mentoring, crisis management and support for students struggling with any and all issues.

  • To partner with other SLC services to ensure student success and wellness.

  • To provide training and support for SLC Momentum 


If you're looking for a place to belong during your studies at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall, we'd love to connect with you and welcome you to our community!

Click here to visit the SLC Spiritual Support website today to connect with Kathy.

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