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Our Favourite Tools and Resources for Campus Ministry

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

The great thing about campus ministry is that so many others have been here before us! Which means that there are so many tools and resources for doing ministry well and addressing our students’ unique needs, questions, and areas of growth.

But that also means there are so many resources that it can be hard to choose between them all! To help your team build your library, we’ve pooled our favourite tools, resources, studies, books, and more to equip your team for campus ministry! These are also great resources to pass along directly to your students.


Sometimes prayer feels hard, harder than it should be. Sometimes less is more when it comes to our expectations around how our faith “should” or “ought” to function. Pete Grieg of the 24-7 Prayer movement simplifies those expectations and makes prayer straightforward in this simple guide for normal people. There is a wealth of extra tools and resources in this text and is a must read for any leader or student struggling with the spiritual discipline of prayer.

All our lives—and certainly the lives of our students—are so busy. When it feels like life is moving faster than we can keep up, that’s usually a sign you need to slow down. By exploring the concepts of Silence and Solitude, Sabbath, Slowing, and Simplifying, John Mark Comer offers an accessible path towards a simpler life that makes space for Jesus. Comer’s accompanying video series on RightNow Media and free workbook How to Unhurry (click here to download) are the perfect way to introduce your students to a bit of balance that prioritizes a healthy faith life, a healthy schedule, and a healthier perspective on the use of their time.

Sometimes we carry old ways of being and thinking into our news lives in Christ. Those old patterns can wreak havoc on our lives. We create expectations for ourselves and convince ourselves God set them, then struggle under the splintering, judging, and shame that results.This book tackles this difficulty process and is a great resource for small group studies with students. There is also a video series that accompanies the book.

Studies, Programs, & Courses

This study from Brian Heasley from the 24-7 Prayer movement is a great study for a small group interested in learning more about creating a habit of devotional or quiet time in their daily rhythms.

This 8-week program is designed to help individuals break free from sexual strongholds. The program includes video sessions for the attendees to watch on their own time as well as challenging but effective homework to keep participants on track and accountable. This program has been very effective for students facing different sexual struggles. It’s broad enough to include different experiences but specific enough to be relevant to all.

This short 4-week study by Pastor Jonathan Pokluda is available on RightNow Media for free and is an excellent program to use in a small group setting. Anxiety is one of the most prominent mental health concerns among college and university students today. We’ve found that offering students a safe place to openly and honestly discuss their experiences with anxiety has been a source of encouragement and support.

Renovaré is a Christian organization that runs an annual book club. This program has been especially fruitful for our Kingston-based Grad & Beyond ministry (for young adults aged 22 to 30). We have a group that has been reading the books on Renovaré’s book list and meeting monthly to discuss spiritual formation books since September 2020. Meeting online allows young adults from around Ontario to join our group, and we’ve had young adults join from Kingston, Ottawa, Barrie, London, Peterborough, and more!


The Apologetics Canada podcast offers a wealth of intelligent and informed conversations about faith, theology, and current events from a Canadian perspective. By tackling today’s difficult questions and events using philosophy, theology, and intellectual honesty, they make complex concepts and ideas accessible. A great podcast for students asking big questions or wanting to work on their apologetics skills. The hosts of this podcast certainly uphold the Apologetics Canada motto: “Love God, love people”.

If you’re looking for a non-partisan approach to conversations about the hot topics and big questions about faith, life, and culture, look no further than Theology in the Raw with Dr. Preston Sprinkle. Preston is the director of the Center for Faith, Sexuality and Gender. He offers a nuanced approach to tough topics by including a diverse range of perspectives on his podcast. Because of his leadership at the Center for Faith, etc., Preston also frequently discusses faith and sexuality in his podcast. The Center’s website offers great resources for ministry leaders trying to navigate these conversations with their students.


Developed by the 24-7 Prayer movement, this app offers a guided daily morning and evening devotional that works through the Lectio movements of Pause, Reflect, Ask, and Yield. A combination of prayer, scripture, and reflection, the devotionals in this app are short and doable. This app is a great resource to help students begin a daily quiet time that starts small and focused.

A staple! This app features a ton of reading plans on all kinds of topics and books of the Bible and offers a feature for group studies. Some of our favourite studies are from the Bible Project. This app also offers 139 Bible versions in over 114 languages! If you work with international students who are new to Christianity, this is the app for them. It’s important to be able to read scripture in one’s native tongue.

What are your team’s favourite resources? Feel free to share below, we’d love to hear from you!

NOTE: Momentum Campus Ministries was not offered compensation for the endorsement of these materials. These are simply the resources we’ve used that have resonated with our students!

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